TRUCEN @ Notre Dame – March 27-28, 2015

The Research University Civic Engagement Network held its annual national meeting at the University of Notre Dame on March 27 and 28, 2015.

Representatives from forty research universities met to discuss community and civic engagement in higher education.

Registration (for invitees): provided by Maggie Grove of Campus Compact.

Notre Dame Hosts TRUCEN Meeting


Maggie Grove ( or 617-357-1881) is the contact for general information related to the meeting.

For questions related to the University of Notre Dame, the area, or special accommodations, please contact Paterna Kedik (

Jay Brandenberger, cell: 574-339-6731

TRUCEN Overview

The Research University Civic Engagement Network (TRUCEN) works to advance civic engagement and engaged scholarship among research universities and to create resources and models for use across higher education. TRUCEN calls upon research university colleagues to embrace a bold vision for civic and community engagement and work to bring it about.

As secretariat for the network, Campus Compact serves as a convener and as a disseminator of information and resources.

For more information: TRUCEN.