Julia Spear

Julia Spear
IBMS Graduate Student

Email: jspear1@nd.edu
Phone: 574-631-4420
Address: A103 Harper Hall

B.S. Biology, Susquehanna University 2018

Julia is in the Integrated Biomedical Sciences PhD program. She received her bachelor’s degree in biology from Susquehanna University, a small, liberal arts college in central Pennsylvania. Her research focused on RNA interference and gene regulatory pathways in Drosophila melanogaster. In the White Lab she is exploring how 3D cancer cell growth affects pHi heterogeneity and how pH heterogeneity correlates with cell phenotype and behavior.    Julia is originally from the Milton, PA, where her family and loving puppy reside. When the weather is nice, she enjoys playing tennis and being outdoors. Whenever there are good friends, good tunes, and good brews, it’s a great time.