Lab Members

Principal Investigator

Dr. Katharine White (more info)
Ph.D. Chemistry, MIT 2012
B.S. Chemistry, Saint Mary’s College 2007


Research Technician

Chad Sallaberry (more info)
B.S. Biochemistry, Colorado State University 2019
M.S. Biochemistry
University of Colorado Colorado Springs 2021

Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr. Keelan Trull (more info)
Ph.D. Chemistry, Purdue University 2019

B.S. Biochemistry, B.A. Biology
Benedictine College 2014

Dr. Ricardo Romero-Moreno (more info)
Ph.D. Integrated Biomedical Sciences–Cancer Biology, University of Notre Dame 2019

B.S. Genomic Siences
National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) 2012

Graduate Students

Caitlin Donahue (more info)
B.S. Biochemistry
Roanoke College 2017

Julia Spear (more info)
B.S. Biology
Susquehanna University 2018

Brandon Czowski (more info)
B.S. Biochemistry
Grand Valley State 2018

Jacob Wagner (more info)
B.S. Biochemistry and Mol. Biology
Missouri Western State 2019

Leah Lund (more info)
B.S. Biotechnology and Forensic Biology
Ferris State University 2016

Kobby Van Dyck (more info)
B.S. Cell and Molecular Biology
DePauw University 2020

Rotation Students

Kevin Catalfano, Chemistry Program, Fall 2020 (Blagg Lab)
Courtney King, Biochemistry Program, Fall 2020 (Littlepage Lab)
Cedrick Mukinay, Biochemistry Program, Fall 2020 (Clark Lab)
Jacob Smith, Integrated Biomedical Sciences Program, Fall 2020 (C. Smith Lab)
George Gray, Biochemistry Program, Fall 2019 (Baker Lab)

Undergraduate Students

Jessamine Kuehn (more info)
Biochemistry major, ND c/o 2022

Michael Siroky (more info)
Biochemistry (Neuroscience), ND c/o 2022

Michael Lee (more info)
Biochemistry & English, ND c/o 2022

Natalie Waschbusch (more info)
Biochemistry (Neuroscience), ND c/o 2023

Lab Alumni

John Ochieng Technician, 2020-2021
Now: Medical Student, Michigan State University
Jacob Smith Technician, 2019-2020
Now: IBMS Graduate Program University of Notre Dame
Michelle Hasse Richmond Technician, 2019
Now: Consultant, Thrive Medical Device Consulting
Cameron Ekanayake, Undergraduate Researcher, ND ’21
Derrick Ekanayake, Undergraduate Researcher, ND ’21