Keelan Trull

Keelan Trull, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Fellow

Phone: 574-631-4420
Address: A103 Harper Hall

Ph.D. Chemistry, Purdue University 2019
B.S. Biochemistry, B.A. Biology; Benedictine College 2014

Keelan earned his PhD in Chemistry from Purdue University working the lab of Mathew Tantama. His graduate research focused on engineering fluorescent protein based biosensors for cellular redox and extracellular purines. This work gave in a wide breadth of knowledge in the area of protein engineering. Keelan will use this expertise in the White lab to improve our current optogenetic tools for controlling intracellular pH. He hopes to be able to use these tools to observe the effects changing pHi has on cellular biology. In his free time Keelan is trying to watch the Office as many times as possible before it’s removed from Netflix in 2021. He also enjoys playing board and video games, as well as reading fantasy novels involving dragons.