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Images Part II

Oath of Fealty


Emerging Town


A Catholic Fanatic



All-American Hero


Local Boy Makes Good




Alexis de Tocqueville



Tearing down the old order


Creating a new European order


Codifying the new order: the Napoleonic Code


Building an industrial order



Ready to do business


The few speak for the many but represent themselves


What important information is missing here?  See:  Brooks’s



Germany’s mass party: the Social Democrats



Populism on the extremes


Duce of the year: Benito Mussolini


Frauke Petry: former chairwoman of the Alternative für Deutschland (Alternative for Germany)


Marine Le Pen “loves France,” Front National


You’re in good hands with the welfare state



The lads of Notre Dame


Is everyone glad?























Protest at the 1968 Olympic games



A Smithsonian exhibit











One expression of patriotism


Another expression of patriotism


Class Struggle














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