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Images Part III

Revolution now!




A statue haunts Moscow


St. Petersburg: Peter the Great’s view of the West


Griboedov Canal





A Holy Family: Peter the Great, Leonid Brezhnev, Karl Marx


Where’s in the world is Lenin? Beijing


Where in the world is Lenin? Hanoi


Where in the world is Lenin? Minsk


The mythology of revolution




The Soviet Father: Stalin


All too real: Stalin


Mourning the dead after the Great Patriotic War



Stasi: Immer bereit!


The Life of Luxury


The latest fashions


Ready to motor


Home sweet Kleingarten


Happy Berliners



Vaclav Havel


The Wall goes up….


….the Wall comes down



Mikhail Gorbachev and Pope John Paul II



Gorbachev and Erich Honecker: Not really BFFs



A pretender to the throne: Boris Yeltsin



The Savior: Vladimir Putin


Mezhyhirya, Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych’s “house by the sea”



BFFs Vladimir Putin and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Mihály Orbán



The Happy Couple








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