UK Student Response

Faye Woods asked a student to talk to some peers about their reactions to British comedy, and here is his response:

“I asked around and this seems to be the general consensus as to the British response to Brit comedy:

-That it seems that our humour relies on pain, and people suffering awkward situations and we enjoy stewing in that cringe-worthy state perhaps more than Americans. It’s enjoying the awkwardness rather than suffering through it.
–  That Miranda might have gone down well because it’s a bit more ‘obvious’ with physical comedy and punchlines.
– Maybe the surreal nature of the Mighty Boosh appeals to a sort of quirky British sensibility more so than to Americans.

But, yeah, it seemed like the main point was that we laugh at awkward situations rather than share that awkwardness in an uncomfortable way.”

About Christine

Christine Becker is an Associate Professor in the Department of Film, Television, and Theatre at the University of Notre Dame.
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