Final Post

I am so happy this class exists. I don’t care if I sound cheesy or whatever in saying it.

Before, I had only seen The Office and some Monty Python. I had friends obsessed with Downton Abbey and Doctor Who, but I never really started watching them until this semester when, as horribly great as it was, I got a taste, then sucked in. Since January, I have seen all of Him & Her, all of Downton Abbey, all of Sherlock, some Shameless, and I just started the fourth series of Doctor Who (plus the first series of Torchwood…which I now regret. Apparently only the second sereis is worth anything). Countless hours of possible productivity lost to feed this new British curiosity, but I regret nothing.

Now, I find my “Television to Start When Time Allows” master list contains some British shows that have caught my interest. Unfortunately, who knows when any time will ever exist to actually fulfill it.

I’ve always enjoyed television, discovering new programs and the workings behind them, and the strategy and programing differences between the US and UK fascinated me. The writer’s power, the relaxed or more acceptable viewing options, the distinct channel identities, the trends, and so on all played a bigger part than I anticipated. Most notably, as we have discussed often, the scheduling works drastically different than our own with popular shows airing over the weekend, lack of commercials on some channels, and irregularly planned series’ broadcasts. The added flexibility when using language, violence, or sex results in a level of dynamism for the shows, unafraid of advertiser backlash. My limited knowledge of the international industry lead to assumptions about television, especially in comparison to my American upbringing and understanding. Knowing how much more exists outside our seemingly endless list of programs baffles a bit, but really fuels curiosity and study.

I will undoubtedly pursue British programs in the future and loved having my horizons broadened…broad enough to cross the Atlantic.

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