A final wrap-up

I have to admit that I originally darted into this class because I needed another elective to complete and fulfill my major requirements. I essentially new very little to nothing about British television, and therefore had basically no expectations for the class as whole.

Now, at the end of the semester, when I reflect on the class, I am absolutely satisfied of what I have learned. Or, to put it more accurately, what I have been exposed to. That is, I have found that the greatest value of studying British TV is tied to the obvious fact that the British system represents an entirely different structure than the privatized American system. Until this class, however, I was totally unaware of the major programming differences that the public broadcasting kind of structure can lead to.

We have talked the entire semester about the differences between British and American TV shows and have debated about whether they would gain popularity or even be produced in the other’s system. However, as interesting as that topic is, to me the most fascinating aspect to consider is why one show would or would not translate as opposed to another. In this sense, I think it is the cause instead of the effect that is at the essence of what this class really delves into.

Thus, I believe that juxtaposing the two structures has opened up my analytical perspective on television as a whole to an extent that I have not reached before. Admittedly, my scope has always been more limited probably because I am a film major and therefore do not study TV structure, but nevertheless it has been a very positive experience throughout that has opened up my mind on TV theory.

I wonder if any of you Film or TV majors feel the same way, or feel it to the same extent that I do.

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