How old does a student have to be in order to attend?

Students must be in highschool at the time of application.

When do we find out the acceptance status of a scholar?

Applicants will be notified within two weeks of submission.

Where do students stay during the program? Are they supervised?

Students stay in Notre Dame’s residence halls, Zahm Hall and Breen Philips Hall, during the Irish Sustainable Energy For Everyone (I-SEE@ND) program. These halls are a short walk from Jordan Hall of Science, where most of the programming will be held. Meals are provided in both of the close dining hall.

The program employs residential advisors to stay in the residence halls with the students. The students are required to check in multiple times during the evenings with an assigned advisor (counselor); all of the evening activities (smaller groups of students) take place under the supervision of an advisor. This also applies to our weekend trips. If a student elects to not go on the weekend trips, there are plenty of supervised activities to attend around Campus.

What are the program hours?

Students will be in activities from 9-6pm with an hour or two break for lunch. Evening activities will be free time for students to choose activities. For more schedule information visit the Typical Day page.

How much interaction will I have with the Faculty and Counsellors?

There will be a ratio of 1:10 for faculty to students!

What will the weather be like?

July in South Bend is usually a humid 80 degrees fahrenheit. However, we suggest that you check a 10-day weather forecast a day before you leave to ensure you are properly packed. It is wonderful to go swimming in University of Notre Dame’s swimming pool which is one of many activities students can join.

How can Notre Dame accommodate special needs?

Notre Dame is well equipped to accommodate special needs including physical, social, mental, etc. The Sara Bea Learning Center on campus specializes on learning disabilities. In addition, all facilities have ramps, elevators, etc. Please contact us at (iseecamp@nd.edu) with specific concerns.

Will vegetarian, vegan, or other dietary restrictive diets be accommodated?

Yes! Campus Dining takes great care to provide a wide range of vegan and vegetarian options. Please visit the Notre Dame Dining Website for more information or contact dining@nd.edu with more questions.

Do you have to have health insurance?

Health insurance must be provided, if available. Please be advised that if a participant does not have health coverage and should he/she need medical attention while participating in the I-SEE program, he/she and his/her parents/guardians will be held responsible for paying any and all costs. Even if you do have insurance, you will be held responsible for any costs not covered by your provider.

How can I pay the application fee or program fees?

Once an application is submitted and an applicant is accepted. An email will be sent to explain how to pay for the I-SEE@ND summer camp. Typically parents choose to use a credit card with University of Notre Dame’s electronic secure Marketplace system. Clear directions will be emailed to accepted applicants.

How can I communicate with my child throughout the program?

You may call your child on his/her cell phone, but most will have them turned off during class time at their instructor’s discretion. In addition, calling or emailing the program directly, we can relay messages and coordinate communication with your child. Please use iseecamp@nd.edu email for correspondence.

Can students bring laptops?

Laptops are allowed and there is free wireless internet available in the residence and science hall. However, laptops are not necessary for the program. Please note that while useful to students, laptops are valuable and we cannot guarantee their secured safety at all times. Please be aware of this risk before bringing your laptop.

What will I need to bring to live in the dorms?

The rooms are equipped with desks, chairs, twin beds, dressers, sheets, pillows and lamps. Towels are NOT provided.

Are the residential dormitory rooms air-conditioned?

The dorms Zahm and Breen Philips are not air-conditioned. Bringing a small fan is highly suggested!

What are the logistics of drop off/ pick up?

Drop Off will be at Jordan Hall of Science on Notre Dame’s Campus on Sunday, July 23rd between the hours of 1pm to 10pm. Pick up will be at Jordan hall of Science as well on August 5th, 2016 between the hours of 6am to noon.

Will my child need spending money?

It is highly suggested. All meals will be provided, but it would be helpful if students want to buy things on their outings, etc.

What should I pack?

Casual dress, cool weather clothing, rain gear, personal toiletries, extra towels and face cloths, swim suits, and a beach towel.

Optional items include:  tennis rackets and balls, baseball gloves, cameras, alarm clocks, radios. An inclusive list will be provided upon acceptance.


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