Tantur Meeting, Oct. 15, 2013

Communication with Jacqueline

  • We have names of two people to add as staff users. (Justin)
  • Has given additional text for the collection display, including physical locations (Aaron & Andy will update)
    • 4 additional locations (don’t have records for these)
  • There are some e-resources (just Journals?) in Aleph that Tantur should have access too.
    • May need to be a separate Aleph export
    • Not sure how records are identified
    • How are these authenticated? Does it require NetIDs?
  • Do not officially circulate at this time. They can go on with the “home system”, but might want to use circulation in the future. May be best to send smart barcodes now.
    • Will probably not need patron user records at this time


  • Lisa is working on first pass on the Aleph data. Will print off field count for Mary.
  • Tom is working on setting up pre-prod server

Next Steps

  • Load Aleph records in Koha (Andy & Lisa)
  • Add staff users for Tantur (Justin)
  • Review collection codes/display (Andy & Aaron)
  • Smart barcode job: will Aleph sort the Dewey numbers correctly? (Aaron)
    • Mary will identify sample set of records to test sorting

Batch Load MARC Records

MARC Bibliographic records can be loaded using these tools:

Click the Tools button on the Koha Staff main page, or select Tools from the More drop-down menu. Stage Marc Records for Import is in the middle column.

Once a file is staged, you can find matching records, import, and un-import the file. For the record matching rules, click the  Koha Administration button on the Koha Staff main page, or select Adminstration from the More drop-down menu. Record Matching Rules is towards the end of the Catalog section.

Initial Tantur Planning Meeting

  • Stand up new Prod instance (Tom, 1 week)
    • Will back-fill into pre-prod later
  • Export Aleph Bibs (Aaron)
  • Process Bibs for loading (Lisa/Mary)
    • Identify fields to delete
    • Map holding data to 952
  • Set up Collections (has been done in pre-prod)
    • Confirm collection codes/display with Jacqueline (Mary)
  • Set up staff patrons (Justin)
  • Set up user patrons (?) (Justin)
  • Review Admin settings
    • Set up circulation rules (?) (Andy/Aaron)
  • Set up z39.50 (already done in pre-prod)
  • Create smart barcode files
  • OPAC Customization
  • Target for all of above: Dec. 6
  • Aleph Cleanup
  • OCLC Cleanup
    • Identify Bibs unique to Tantur and remove from OCLC