Tantur Status Meeting, Feb. 11, 2014

  • Tantur has an interim director.
  • Andy has been in touch about the OPAC.
  • Also sent sample of what barcodes would look like
    • No response about barcodes
    • Mary has corrected call number problems in Koha (e.g., missing digits)

What does it take to put Koha “In Production”

  • Link Koha from the Tantur Library page.
    • Need to find out who is responsible for updating page
    • What changes do we need to make to OPAC changes?
      • Any file changes need to be separated so that they can be redone when we get new versions.
      • Everything Andy has done so far has been in a single .css file in his file space.
      • Andy and Justin will follow up on moving css to Asset server.
  • Direct any Hesburgh Tantur links to Koha
  • Tantur staff should be adding records directly to Koha
    • Jacqueline is adding some records to Koha
  • Print and send barcodes

Aleph Cleanup

  • If the title is Unique to Tantur
    • Extract OCLC Number
      • Delete holdings from OCLC
    • Delete BIB, HOL and Items
  • If it is a copy of something also held at ND
    • Delete HOL and items
    • Check 902 field