Update Left Hand Links

The Koha navigation menu is edited in the Global System Preferences. Go to

More -> Administration, and search OPACNav.

There are three section, OPACNav, OPACNavBottom, and OPACNavRight


Skype call with Jacqueline Dec 4, 2013

Record Load

  • 003 had “OST”, but now see InNd. (Control Number identifier) — Check documentation to see if we can change default.
  • Barcodes: will keep barcodes that we have from Aleph. Will print barcodes in call number order.


  • URL Preference? Do you prefer something other than tanturprod.library.nd.edu? Will use tantur.library.nd.edu.
  • Need list of “important links”
    • Add library links from tantur web site.
  • Font size — don’t change for now.
  • Alice has given Jacqueline info on how to add call number to results list.

Staff Module

  • Would be nice to have Cataloging & Authorities in main menu instead of under “More”
  • Not for loan appearing twice
    • Checked loan rules for items, all should be non-circulating. OPAC display shows “not for loan”
  • Z39.50 — would like to add French National Library, a German Library. Jacqueline will send list to Mary.
  • In MARC preview, difficult to see which library the record is coming from.
  • Records that came over as In Process IP