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Jun 01

Something new

I’ve decided to add other instruments to my recordings. I was recording guitars on Ableton. Now, I’m adding drums and other stuff on GarageBand and giving the last look on the same program after importing guitar tracks. It’s taking time but records are sounding decent! As an example: ***mixed with the movie Network (1976)

May 12

Art of thermal radiation

If you have materials opaque to IR, you can create some illusions! You can take photo of yourself from the back of the thermal camera! Or, just play with the color scheme 🙂  

Jul 19

Family tree :)

Here is my collage of powerpuffs with acrylic paints. This is a gift for my family 🙂 I’ve used this website:!/en

Jul 14

Improvizing a history

If you’re willing to listen some Turkish music, here we go! This song means a lot to me but also it is hard to explain. To me, it is about the changes happening without our intervention or will. I’ve played this song many times so I have tons of versions of the same song. Soft …

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Jul 14

Music? YES!

As a huge Alice in Chains fan, I’m picking a song and improvising it.

Jul 14

Create your own stars!

Sometimes I’m taking photos and combining them in a video to convey a story. Here, I prepared cards with the drawings of James Jean. My LEGO characters are the stars!

Jul 13

Again and again and again…

Alice in Chains… Again!

Jul 13

Oil Painting – Notre Dame

I’m not an expert but I’ve tried my chance in oil painting.