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Jul 19

Family tree :)

Here is my collage of powerpuffs with acrylic paints. This is a gift for my family 🙂 I’ve used this website:!/en

Jul 14

Improvizing a history

If you’re willing to listen some Turkish music, here we go! This song means a lot to me but also it is hard to explain. To me, it is about the changes happening without our intervention or will. I’ve played this song many times so I have tons of versions of the same song. Soft …

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Jul 14

Music? YES!

As a huge Alice in Chains fan, I’m picking a song and improvising it.

Jul 14

Create your own stars!

Sometimes I’m taking photos and combining them in a video to convey a story. Here, I prepared cards with the drawings of James Jean. My LEGO characters are the stars!

Jul 13

Again and again and again…

Alice in Chains… Again!

Jul 13

Oil Painting – Notre Dame

I’m not an expert but I’ve tried my chance in oil painting.