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Oct 21

I didn’t know graphene is so newly discovered!

Ok, it’s my ignorance. History time ! Year: 2004 Location: The University of Manchester Nobel Physics: 2010 Here is the whole story and information from ‘the home of graphene‘, Manchester.

Jul 25

Chemical bonds simulated with quantum computers!

“Quantum chemistry is the science of understanding the complicated bonds and reactions of molecules using quantum mechanics. The ‘moving parts’ of anything but the most-simple chemical processes are beyond the capacity of the biggest and fastest supercomputers. By modelling and understanding these processes using quantum computers, scientists expect to unlock lower-energy pathways for chemical reactions, …

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Jul 15

Surface-bound hydrogen: diffusion > desorption

Wait! What? “The first step in hydrogen storage is chemisorption, wherein gaseous H2¬†collides with Pd and adsorbs (sticks) to the surface. Secondly, the chemisorbed H atoms diffuse into the sub-surface, several nanometers deep.” Why gold-palladium alloys are better than palladium for hydrogen storage

Jul 14


In this part, surface adsorption-desorption reactions and secondary electron emission process are explained in detail. ¬†Surface processes have a key role on surface etching, for example. The gas phase on top of the surface interacts with the surface layer. Adsorption-desorption reactions affect gas-phase species concentration. Also, positive ion neutralization and secondary electron emission have effects …

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