Othello Tour’s first Blog

Well here we are, and very excited to be opening the show tomorrow night! We arrived in Notre Dame last Saturday after 4 weeks of rehearsal in Brixton, it is crazy to think that we only met as a group just over 7 weeks ago – it feels like years!!!!!
We arrived exhausted after the stresses of rehearsals and the flight and went straight back in to rehearsals – after our first full work day here we met this little fellow outside Washington Hall, who basically summed up how we were feeling at the time!!!
However we are now rested and refreshed and ready for our first night!Othello cast candid

How we felt when we hit the States!

How we felt when we hit the States!

A word about Richard III from our Artistic Director

For anyone who would like an overview of Richard III prior to attending, it’s hard to find a clearer description than the link below, from The Useful Guide to Shakespeare, by Patrick Bringley.  We’ve included a synopsis in the Richard III playbill, and you can attend our pre-show talks called “Beyond the Stage,” but Bringley’s is a very simple and clear introduction, and while not a text for younger readers, would be helpful to any parent talking to kids about the play.  (May we remind you that children under 18 are free with a paid adult, but the production is not recommended for children under 6.)  Bringley is connected to us via Festival favorite Maureen Gallagher, the actor playing Richard’s mother, the Duchess of York.  As always, please send us your thoughts: on our production, on this introduction, or on Shakespeare in general, and see you at the show! – Grant Mudge, Ryan Producing Artistic Director, Notre Dame Shakespeare Festival


South Bend Tribune Previews Richard III

Read Andy Hughes’ terrific story on our Richard III.



The Comedy of Errors

photo by Peter Ringenberg

Jackie Gessert, Joey Doyle, and Nathan Goodrich

photo by Peter Ringenberg

Bobby Bowman, Chris Silvestri, and Hunter Paul

photo by Peter Ringenberg

Ayssette Munoz and Jess Alexander

The Notre Dame Shakespeare Festival’s Young Company had their first performance of The Comedy of Errors yesterday. The crowd of over 100 people in Stevensville, Michigan, enjoyed the spirited performance. Next up is Potawatomi Park Pavilion in South Bend on Saturday, July 27, 2013.