Katherine Cinninger Named Program Manager


Please join me in welcoming Katherine Cinninger to the Office of Finance and Administration for University Relations.   As Program Manager, Katherine will be responsible for several areas supporting field fundraising services.  She will play an integral role in the implementation and management of the new process for issuing pledge reminders and the reporting on outstanding balances.  Katherine will also review gift account activity for compliance with gift restrictions, and ensure funds are being utilized by the benefiting unit.  Katherine will review contracts and lease agreements for the Division and coordinate the review with the Office of General Counsel.  Her experience in Development along with her expertise in project management will serve us well in managing various projects.  Katherine will be located on the 11th floor, Grace Hall.


Mary Ellen Koepfle, C.P.A., Director, Finance and Administration

UND ’96, SMC ’78


2 thoughts on “Katherine Cinninger Named Program Manager

  1. Congratulations Katherine! A well deserved promotion…… we will miss seeing you here at ESC. Be sure to send pictures of Townes every once in a while!