Changes for Del Lali; Position Opening

Dear UR Team:

I am writing to share that Del Lali has decided to spend more time at home with her 14 month-old son Kyon so beginning April 1st she will no longer be working full-time as the administrative assistant and receptionist in 405 Main. She does plan to continue to work at Notre Dame in a part-time or on-call capacity. Del has been an important member of our UR team in 405 and will be deeply missed. Please note this position has been posted at


Drew Buscareno

2 thoughts on “Changes for Del Lali; Position Opening

  1. Waaahhhhh! I am going to miss the way you keep us all in line in 405 Adele. Please visit often.

  2. Enjoy your time at home and please come visit us at Eddy Street…or better yet, fill in there occasionally so we’ll get to see you! Thanks for always being so helpful; you’ll be missed!