Annual Giving & Strategic Marketing Spring Mailer Drops

on behalf of Amy Schell

Annual Giving & Strategic Marketing’s Quarterly Spring Mailing finished dropping on March 19.

The direct mail piece included an insert, BRE & reply card, and Notre Dame Day marketing piece, a Save the Date coaster. There were 12 versions of the insert creative based on segmentation, and 65,188 total mailings were sent. The strategy was to renew and recapture benefactors who have made a gift in the past 5 years, but with no FY 15 unrestricted gift. Standard exclusions were applied.

Creative design was based on the concept of all the thoughts that go through the mind of a Notre Dame student on a daily basis, and how those relate to this total experience and education of mind, body, heart, and spirit that is so generously made possible by our benefactors.

Email follow-up to unassigned prospects will begin March 22 and conclude by March 27; 30 unique emails were created to coincide with different segments.

Thank you to the entire team for your collaborative efforts putting together this campaign, especially for your ability to be agile once the initial schedule changed due to the events surrounding Father Hesburgh’s passing. A special thanks to the IS data team for their support, to Pablo Martinez, campaign program manager, and to Lindahl Chase, who provided creative direction.

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