Welcome Jim Morrison!

Dear Colleagues,

I am delighted to announce that Jim Morrison will serve as our new Senior Director of Academic Advancement.   In this role Jim will lead the academic advancement college based team, including our academic advancement directors (AADs).   He will also serve as the liaison to the Office of the Provost and collaborate with senior academic leaders and our AADs to advance critical interdisciplinary opportunities.  In addition, Jim will work closely with our Senior Regional Directors and Field Fundraisers to evaluate and improve our education, training, and other initiatives to give us the best opportunity to achieve our ambitious academic fundraising targets.  Jim will also partner closely with our Senior Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations, George Keegan, to ensure that information sharing and integration are the hallmarks of our academic advancement team.

Jim comes to us with deep experience in academic administration and higher education having served as Director of Strategic Planning at the University of Mississippi, Executive Assistant to the Chancellor at the University of Tennessee, and Senior Advisor to our Provost, Tom Burish, over the past two years.   Jim has quickly earned the respect and trust of leaders throughout the University.

Jim earned a bachelor’s of business administration from the University of Mississippi, a master’s in higher education administration from Columbia University, and a doctorate in higher education management from the University of Georgia.

We look forward to welcoming Jim to our team this fall after a replacement has been identified for his current role in the Office of the Provost.   Please join me in congratulating and welcoming Jim to our team.

Yours in Notre Dame,


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