Congratulation’s Ernestine!

Our very own Ernestine Gardner is leaving on a jet plane out to sunny California to tape an appearance on JEOPARDY!!!  If you didn’t know already….she is brilliant, and now we have the proof.  Ernestine has quietly endured online applications and testing to ultimately be invited to the final contestant screening held in Kansas City in late June of this year.  Not surprisingly, she advanced in that final test to be selected for the contestant pool for the next 17 months.  Getting this far in the process is such an accomplishment, she is already a Champion in our minds.

Ernestine, along with her husband Dave will be traveling to Los Angeles next week for the JEOPARDY taping which should air the week of October 5th.  We will be planning a ‘JEOPARDY’ watch when the episode is airs.

Good Luck Ernestine!


Team CFR

6 thoughts on “Congratulation’s Ernestine!

  1. Thank you, everyone, for the support, encouragement, and enthusiasm! I’ll certainly do my best, and I hope to have good news to share with you all in October when we have the viewing party (or parties!)