An Enthusiastic Welcome to Sam King in Storytelling!

We are excited to welcome Sam King to the Storytelling & Engagement team on Monday, February 21! Sam brings a wealth of experience to our writing team, from his work as a scholar of American history, a legal writing specialist, a content creator for wikiHow, and an NHL team writer. Sam holds a BA from New York University and a Ph.D. from the University of South Carolina.

Sam specializes in the history of post-Civil War America, including Chicago history, Asian American studies, race and ethnicity, and immigration history, and has written about these topics extensively. Notwithstanding such burnished credentials, he’s perhaps best known for his work as a zombie extra in an NYU student film… at least according to his IMDb page. Sam is a die-hard fan of the Carolina Hurricanes hockey team, and he has a senior cat, Jane Addams—named after the early 20th century American social worker activist and Nobel Peace Prize laureate.

Sam brings to our team key research, organization, and a demonstrated capacity for inquisitive and creative thinking. We are so happy to welcome him to South Bend and look forward to the many contributions he will make to Development and the University of Notre Dame!

David Chaudoir

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