DC Team Announcements

Please join us in celebrating the promotions of Anita Jones, Brigette Kinney, Katie Edel, Maureen Daday, Pam Mullin, Roz Palusci, and Sarah Nugent to the role of Regional Associate (RA). Each of these individuals has exhibited the high-level responsibilities and skills needed for this new role, and we look forward to their future growth as we continue to align the DC Team for exponential fundraising. Please congratulate them!

The RA position creates a new level in the DC Team career stream, which now includes some re-titled roles, as follows: Development Coordinator (DC), Regional Associate (RA), Assistant Program Director (APD, formerly SRDC), and Associate Director (AD, formerly Assistant Manager). The new titles reflect the evolved state of the roles and the high degree of autonomy/responsibility.

Though the changes incorporate some additional responsibilities and restructuring, all managerial reporting relationships will remain the same, as will all fundraiser (RD and SRD) partnership assignments.

Thank you and congrats to all!

~Lori & Team

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