Thanks are due to the following individuals/entities for their support of this project:

Fiana Arbab, former graduate student in Sustainable Development & Peace Studies and founding member of the Project Management Team.

Elizabeth Boyle, a graduate student in Peace Studies and former member of the Project Management Team.

Juan Flores Ramirez, Business Manager for the Kroc Institute.

Kristi Flaherty, Communications Coordinator for the Kroc Institute.

Garrett FitzGerald, PhD, postdoctoral researcher and scholar-practitioner at the Kroc Institute.

Hannah Heinzekehr, Communications Program Director for the Kroc Institute.

Liam Maher, a doctoral student in art history at Temple University and former Project Manager.

Mikala Narlock, Digital Collections Strategies Librarian & CurateND specialist.

Laurie Nathan, PhD, Professor of Practice in Mediation & Director of the Mediation Program as well as the project advisor.