Mission Statement

“Each generation must, out of relative obscurity,
discover its mission, fulfill it, or betray it”. – Frantz Fannon

For twenty years African Student Association has been a student organization dedicated to educating and celebrating with the Notre Dame community Africa’s rich cultures. Additionally, the club seeks to establish a home away from home where Africans and those interested in learning more about Africa can come together and share their love for the continent. We welcome you to join in and learn as well as share your passions. All are welcome regardless of background!

This year the ASA board has made a commitment to be an engaging, educating and entertaining club. This goal comes with initiatives to dismantle stereotypes, and actively increase opportunities towards the development of Africa and the emancipation of black people as a whole.


  • Strengthen and grow unity among the African diaspora at Notre Dame, and other organizations and ethnic groups.
  • Promote the sharing of culture and heritage of African people
  • Foster intellectual discourse towards the development of the African continent
  • Provide academic and career resources to members
  • Develop relationships with the greater South Bend community and engage in service projects