Arcadian Dialogues exists to promote a culture of scholarship among the members of the University of Notre Dame’s Glynn Family Honors Program and Scholars’ Program. Too often undergraduates’ academic work contributes interesting and important ideas to a topic or genre, but never finds its place among the more widely available literature. Here we seek to give new meaning to the best of these students’ scholarly work by sharing their ideas with the larger scholar communities.

Arcadian Dialogues is largely student-run, with members of the Notre Dame Scholars’ Program and Glynn Family Honors Program serving as editors, designing and managing the website, and promoting the journal. Prof. Paul Weithman (Humanities), Prof. Chris Kolda (Science), and Prof. Eileen Botting (Interdisciplinary) serve as faculty advisors. The journal, published at the end of each semester, will consist of all the accepted submissions described on the submissions page. The spring issue will also include the senior theses selected for presentation at the Glynn Honors Colloquium.