Creative Section

Submissions to the Arcadian Dialogues Creative Section will be divided into three categories: Visual, poetry, and prose.

Each of the following categories and guidelines is flexible. We welcome a variety of unorthodox mediums, and are happy to adjust our guidelines for outstanding creative pieces.

Visual art can submitted in the following forms: Photography, digital, drawing/painting, architectural design, or other. Artists will be asked to provide no more than four submissions in each category, and to do so with high-quality .jpg or .png files. Miscellaneous works will be quantified based upon variety of submissions.

Poets will be asked to submit no more than four pages total of poetry, though exceptions will be granted. The four pages may consist of any number of individual poems.

Prose will be accepted in three categories: short story, personal essay, and miscellaneous. Pieces must be double spaced, and no more than 4,000 words. We will accept excerpts of larger pieces, though the author must specify this fact. We will choose at minimum two short storiestwo personal essays, and two miscellaneous pieces.

Once pieces are chosen, artists/authors will be asked to provide a short statement (50-75 words) to accompany their work.

We are happy to accommodate stylistic preferences, such as special spacing and font, if they are essential to your art piece.