How do students submit their writing?

All submissions for the Fall 2020 edition are due at 11:59 PM on Tuesday, December 22. Please submit using this form.

For the Humanities section, we will include up to three 3-5 page papers, three 6-8 page papers, and three 10-12 page paper. The Humanities/Sciences Interdisciplinary section will consist of at least one 3-5 page paper, one 6-8 page paper, and one 10-12 page paper. We will also publish longer Science submissions, each of which must include a technical paper or exposition accompanied by a 1-2 page layman’s summary (see the Spring 2019 Science Section for examples). Submissions to the Creative Section will be divided into three categories: visual, poetry, and prose. Find out more about the Creative Section here.

There is no limit as to whether a submission was written during the present semester/year or in previous semesters. However, the submission must have been produced during undergraduate study at the University of Notre Dame.