Author: Chris Kreienkamp

Welcome to the Audio Technology Club of Notre Dame!

This club was founded by electrical engineering students who wanted a fun and interesting way to apply what they were learning in their classes with their love for music. This club is meant for anyone who is interested in listening to good music, recording, acoustics, or electrical engineering. No prior knowledge of music or engineering is necessary. The club is oriented towards hobbyists and people who enjoy music.

Ideas for club events and activities include:

  1. Designing/building stereo or recording setups
  2. Making recordings with a variety of music technology
  3. Audio product analysis and reviews
  4. Travel to state-of-the art acoustic facilities
  5. The ability to listen to good music on good systems

Please note that many of these activities are pending the withdrawal of the university’s COVID-19 restrictions, and for the Fall 2020 semester the club will be mostly virtual.

We hope that Notre Dame students will be able to make use of this as they follow their love for music. Please reach out to us at or request to join our forum and email listserv here if you are interested in joining or learning more!