Course Learning Goals

The overall goal of this course is to engage you in the process of science. This process often requires different skills than you might use in a science lecture course. The course is structured around three research projects, and you will be asked to read literature, develop experiments, evaluate data and communicate conclusions. Understanding how science is “done” and how these results are communicated are essential skills for any science-related career path.

The list below includes specific skills, behaviors, and habits of mind that this course is designed to help you acquire.

  • Actively participate in the process of science, including experimental design, and data analysis and interpretation.
  • Demonstrate competence in essential laboratory skills and techniques.
  • Be critical consumers of primary literature in a given field.
  • Effectively communicate scientific information in both written and oral formats.
  • Develop professional behaviors of preparation, punctuality, attention to detail, and accountability.
  • Work in a collaborative manner with peers to generate ideas and solve problems.
  • Develop resilience and confidence in facing open-ended research questions and unforeseen circumstances.