Course Policies

Location: Labs are located in Jordan Hall Rm. 118 and Rm. 124.

Required materials:

  • Sadava, Hillis, Heller, and Berenbaum, Life: The Science of Biology, 10th edition (9th edition acceptable)
  • Ambrose, Ambrose, Emlen and Bright, A Handbook of Biological Investigation, 7th edition.
  • Project manual, Fall 2013 (printed copies provided, electronic copy posted on Sakai)
  • Binder for project packet handouts.
  • Safety glasses provided in lab.
  • Communication:
  • Weekly announcements – At the end of each week, your instructors will send an email with reminders about the upcoming week in lab. This same information will also be posted and archived in the announcement section of Sakai.
  • Sakai forums – Use the forums provided on Sakai to ask questions about concepts, techniques, reports, etc. Posting questions in the forum, rather than just emailing an instructor, helps to build knowledge across the whole class, and can be an easy way for classmates to help each other with difficult concepts. You may sign up for email notifications for the forum.
  • Email – Direct email to Professor Robichaud, Professor Lewis, or your TAs should be used for questions or concerns that pertain to you specifically (illness, appointment, etc.) Professors Robichaud and Lewis will check and respond to email at least twice a day. When emailing, please include your section number in your signature.Attendance: Weekly attendance is mandatory. If you must reschedule a lab, an official excuse is required.
  • As soon as you know that you will miss a lab, please fill out the lab absence form found on Sakai.
  • Labs must be made up at the earliest possible time, preferably the same week. Labs meet M, T and Th from 2-5pm and T and Th from 9:30am –12:30pm.
  • Please check the lab schedule carefully when planning travel arrangements for University breaks. This is not an official University excuse.
  • If a student is not able to make up a missed experiment, the student will be asked to complete an additional literature review assignment on the topic. The makeup assignment must be submitted within one week to receive credit.
  • Absences that are that not made up will be penalized with a 5 point deduction from your final average, in addition to penalties for late assignments.

Absence Form

Syllabus 2014