Derek Walcott Presentation and Discussion Questions 4/6

Derek Walcott Presentation Video (Updated link–might take a few minutes to load)

A link to the PowerPoint that I used in the video


What do you make of Walcott’s understanding of his own identity? Did you see the hybridity that so many have pointed out?  How does language factor into his identity and his works? How and what do you think Walcott’s identity translates to the poems? Are the main characters supposed to reflect his own identity?  

What does it mean for Shabine to leave Maria in “The Schooner Flight?” What did she symbolize and what effect did his constant recalling of her have? Did you see any similarities between her and Hounakin’s wife from The Sea at Dauphin?

The Sea at Dauphin is said to be influenced by Synge’s Riders to the Sea. How do the works compare? What are the similarities and differences in their treatment of religion and the way that they describe the sea? Do you see any connection between Synge’s and Walcott’s identities?

What do these works accomplish? How do they compare to the prior things we have been studying? What have they done to further your understanding of the Black and Green Atlantic?

I have a few more questions, but I will save them until Wednesday because they focus more heavily on Heaney’s piece.