At the beginning of the semester, I wrote a blog post on perspective. Perspective is very important to this class and especially when looking at the events we have read about this semester. Perspective is important because it influences an individual’s views about the events and experiences around them.

When looking at the trail of the Chicago Eight, the perspective of the judge is important because it influences the trajectory of the trail. The judge has hatred toward the group of eight and especially Bobby Seale. This hatred was shown in the courtroom and the way that the judge interacted with the defendants. Perspective is important in this trial because this hatred fueled the tension and the outcomes.

            In the Price of my soul, the perspective of Bernadette Devlin was very important. Her perspective led her to fight for what she believed in and to lead the people in her movement. Her increased tension and feelings toward her views inspired others and ultimately fueled her followers. Perspective, ultimately, influences and strengthens the views of people around them.

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