The links below give slides of some of my recent talks.

Roots of polynomials under repeated differentiation, MAA Rocky Mountain Sectional Meeting Colorado College, April 2024. slides

Heat flow on polynomials with connections to random matrices and random polynomials, University of California, San Diego, April 2024. slides

Heat flow, random matrices, and random polynomials, Chinese Academy of Sciences, November 2023. slides

“Random matrices and heat flow on polynomials,” UCLA, October 2022. slides

“PDE methods in random matrix theory,” University of Bari, March 2022. slides

“Relating different random matrix models,” updated version of talk given at University of Colorado, November 2021. slides

“Partial differential equations in random matrix theory,” talk given at Banff International Research Station (virtually), March 2021. slides

“Eigenvalues for sums of self-adjoint and skew-self-adjoint random matrices,” online version of Random Matrix Theory and Applications, May 2020. slides

Invited address, Hartford, CT, April 2019, “Eigenvalues of random matrices in the general linear group in the large-N limit.” slides

“Forbidden symmetries, Penrose tiles, and the Nobel prize,” general-interest talk in the Math for Everyone series, February 2019. slides

“Segal–Bargmann transform for unitary groups in the large-N limit,” Conference on Quantization, Galatasary University, Istanbul, Turkey, September 2018. slides

“Yang–Mills theory and the large-N limit,” Northwestern University, November 2017. slides