Day of Rest

Yesterday (Saturday), we made the four-hour drive from Tacurong, where we had been based as we travelled to meet leaders from various local communities, and returned to Davao. The long drive was a great chance to look around and see the countryside. We passed┬áthrough several military check points, but for the most part we were waved through. The one time we did get stopped, we think it was just so the guard could get a better look at Lidet’s hair. As Lidet put it, “He was delighted to see me!” Her hair has made her very popular in the Philippines.

The drive back to Davao also reinforced our gratitude for smooth, paved roads. We have been thoroughly impressed with our driver’s ability to weave through all kinds of traffic (cars, trucks, pedestrians, motorcycles, you name it), and all kinds of road conditions. He has been driving for CRS for over twenty years now, so he’s definitely had time to become an expert.

Now that we’re back at our hotel in Davao, we are enjoying a peaceful Sunday. After attending church in the morning, we took a Jeepney (sort of a minibus taxi – read more here) to the beach where we took a boat to Paradise Island! It was a great day at the beach, filled with lovely views and delicious treats like Halo Halo.

Jeepney Ride

The Jeepney may have been designed for people who are a little shorter than Chris.

Paradise Island

Drew relaxing after a strenuous week of peacebuilding.

Halo Halo

Carole enjoying some Halo-halo, a delicious Filipino dessert.

Tomorrow, we’ll fly back to Manila to continue with our packed schedule of meetings with business, government, and NGO leaders. Hard to believe our time in the Philippines is half-way gone. We still have a lot of learning ahead of us!

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