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Dear Potential Donor,

We strive to become one of the premier clubs on campus and one of the finest baseball clubs in the country, and at this time we rely heavily on the generosity of our contributors. We strive to allow previous high school varsity athletes to continue competitive baseball, while obtaining a world class education. Players are asked to pay dues to make it possible to travel and maintain facility usage and equipment. Your donations relieve part of the burden we ask our players to contribute. Please consider making a donation, no matter how small, to Club Baseball of Notre Dame, and we promise you that we will make the most of it.

Thank you.


Your 2021-2022 CBND Officers
Peter Mercurio – President
Josh Dippold – Vice President
Brady La’Bahn – Treasurer
Brendan Hird – Secretary

Club Baseball of Notre Dame Approximate Annual Expense Breakdown

Uniforms – $3,500

Umpires – $1,500

NCBA Membership – $2,000

Travel & Hotels – $4,000

Facilities – $3,000