About Us

Each year many of Our Lady’s young men choose to walk away from the game of baseball in order to receive a world class education.  For many of us who have had to make this choice in the past, we know how difficult of a decision it can be. Club Baseball of Notre Dame (CBND) was founded so that Our Lady’s young men wouldn’t have to choose between continuing a baseball career and receiving an exemplary education. In this way we hope to give non-varsity athletes at the University of Notre Dame the opportunity to continue their competitive baseball careers at the collegiate level.

After joining the National Club Baseball Association (NCBA) in the Fall of 2013, we are now a member of the premier collegiate club baseball association in the country. The NCBA includes club baseball teams from more than 280 colleges and universities across the country.  We compete in the NCBA’s Division I tier, the most competitive club league available.  As part of the Great Lakes South Conference, our conference opponents include Indiana, Illinois, Purdue, Ball State, and Illinois State.

Club Baseball of Notre Dame is active throughout the entire academic school year. Tryouts are held early in the Fall semester, and our season begins shortly after. We play series on the weekends and practice roughly once a week throughout the school year. Our schedule consists of a conference series against each team in the Great Lakes South Conference, as well as non-conference series that we are free to schedule with other club teams.