Current Projects

Technical Projects

Websites for Nonprofits

The Websites for Nonprofits group is creating a website template for local charitable and nonprofit organizations to customize and use. The goal is to make the website effective in terms of increasing the visibility of a given nonprofit, while also being reliable and easily maintainable, even for those with little technical knowledge.

Family Justice Center

The Family Justice Center team is creating a database to hold sensitive domestic violence case information as well as a web application where first-responders on the scene can input or update information into the database.

The Indiana Legal Services team provides data analytics for the attorney and management teams to better understand and advocate for local communities. It is also creating a dashboard to represent the 11,000 cases a year that ILS processes.

Council on Aging of Elkhart County

This team is building an internal query application to immediately pull suitable organizations and services from their database based on what services its users are searching for.

Motels4Now Website

This team is redesigning the Motels4Now website to tell the non-profits story in an engaging, clear way by including data visualizations.

Montaña de Luz

Utilizing the wireframes that Notre Dame’s DFA mocked up, this team is building an entirely new WordPress website for the Montaña de Luz organization. The website will be visual, interactive, and user-friendly. The students are also making infographics to display on the site, as well.

Volunteering Projects

South Bend Code School

The South Bend Code School runs a number of courses that teach technical skills to school-aged kids from a diverse set of backgrounds. Our club is supplying volunteers to teach technical skills and plan relevant events within the school, such as a Girls Coding Day.

Girls Who Code (Penn and Riley High Schools)

We aim to close the gender gap in tech by teaching and inspiring girls through mentorship programs and coding workshops at local high schools!

Forever Learning Institute

This team teaches senior citizens about technology and internet safety through a course titled “Communicating Securely Over the Internet.” Group members create the course curriculum and teach the course in-person.


With COVID accelerating the race towards a technology-oriented society, this team teaches local senior citizens general technology skills so they can be prepared and empowered.

Riley High School

This team collaborates with Riley High School to provide exciting mentorship opportunities for students here in South Bend. By serving as teacher’s aids in classes and helping students with their programming projects throughout the year, this team encourages students to pursue technical fields and make an impact in the community.