Graduate Students Against Racial Injustice at Notre Dame (GS-ARIND) is a community of graduate students and postdoctoral researchers working at the university and department level towards actionable change to foster inclusive and diverse environment. GS-ARIND hosts monthly meetings as well as workshops, reading/discussion groups, volunteer opportunities, and social events.

The goals of GS-ARIND are:

1) Foster safer, more inclusive communities at the University for people from historically excluded groups through collective action.

2) Create a support network of graduate students and postdocs for issues relating to systemic and individual racism that collaborates with and amplifies work from undergraduate, staff, and faculty efforts.

3) Increase awareness of anti-racism practices in the general campus community and dismantle racist institutions in our departments, colleges, and wider campus. 3A) Develop cultural competency among graduate students to help recognize the ways in which we perpetuate systemic racism. 

4) Increase outreach between Notre Dame and marginalized South Bend communities, foster relationships with existing organizations (BLM, etc.).

To access our constitution, click here.