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Greg Hartland

Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Adjunct Faculty, Notre Dame Radiation Laboratory

e-mail: ghartlan@nd.edu

Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry 2014; ACS Fellow 2011; Fellow AAAS 2009

Senior Editor: The Journal of Physical Chemistry

Gary Beane


e-mail: gbeane@nd.edu

Transient absorption and back focal plane microscopy studies of single gold nanostructures

Tuphan Devkota

5th year Graduate Student

e-mail: tdevkota@nd.edu

Ultra-sensitive spectroscopy and dynamics of single nanostructures

Brendan Brown

1st year Graduate Student

e-mail: bbrown13@nd.edu

 Environmental effects on surface plasmons

Kyle Aleshire

1st year Graduate Student, co-advised with Ken Kuno

e-mail: kyle.l.aleshire.1@nd.edu

Mid-IR imaging and spectroscopy of two-dimensional nanomaterials

Noah Wamble

Undergraduate Researcher

e-mail: nwamble@nd.edu 

Photo-thermal imaging of single nanoparticles


Recent Graduates:

Paul Johns

e-mail: pjohns@nd.edu

Thesis Title: “Surface Plasmon Polaritons in Gold Nanostructures: Conversion, Coupling and Confinement”

Present Position: Postdoc at Naval Research Laboratory

Jeremy Li

e-mail: Zhongming.Li.180@nd.edu

Thesis Title: “Absorption Based Spectroscopy and Microscopy on Nanostructures”

Present Position: Postdoc at MIT

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