Lead a Discussion

What has inspired your teaching? Share it with us! Post a brief introduction to your topic to the blog at least one week before the forum.┬áBe prepared to answer questions and lead a discussion about it. Looking for ideas? You might…

  • present an active learning technique you tried in class
  • lead a discussion about a recent journal article
  • share a useful repository of instructional materials
  • lead a workshop using a new tool for use in the classroom or for assessment

Sample Topics

  • Assessment
  • Active learning
  • Assignments/exercises
  • Effective faculty collaborations/core curriculum initiatives
  • Learning theory
  • Motivational techniques for students
  • Outreach ideas
  • Topic selection
  • Instructional technology for information literacy
  • Student use of information
  • Teaching source evaluation/critical thinking

For more resources, check out our Instruction Community of Practice guide.