Write a Blog Post

The success of this blog depends on all of us. Let’s make it a vibrant community! We need bloggers to share summaries of our forum discussions, as well as to write original posts to share relevant journal articles, helpful instructional resources, and stories of success or failure in the classroom. All members of our community of practice are welcome to post to the blog.

Get Started

  1. Log in to the site using your NetID and password (contact Anna if you don’t have a blogging account yet).
  2. Select “Posts” from the navigation menu on the left and choose “Add New.”
  3. Write your post using the easy editor. Take your time – you can save your post as a draft.
  4. Once you’re ready, publish it using the “Publish” button to the right of the editor!

Get Inspired

  • Write a brief summary of an article you read. What inspired you? What will you bring in to your teaching?
  • Tell us about something new you tried in your instruction. What worked and what didn’t?
  • Share your conference experience with us. What new ideas did you bring back? Whose work should we read?