Preliminary Schedule of Classes


8/21                Introduction to the Class

8/23                Homer, Odyssey, Books 1-2

8/28                Homer, Odyssey, Books 4-6 (we will briefly discuss Book 3 in class)

8/30                Homer, Odyssey, Books 7-8

Sunday, 9/2   Trip to the Chicago Field Museum to see Genghis Khan exhibit

9/4                  Homer, Odyssey, Books 9-11                            Blog Post: Clare

9/6                  Homer, Odyssey, Books 12-13

9/11                Homer, Odyssey, Books 14-16                          Blog Post: Brenna

9/13                Homer, Odyssey, Books 17-18                          Blog Post: Moved due to student illness

Friday, 9/14    Rough draft of first paper due

9/18                Homer, Odyssey, Books 19-21                          Blog Post: Ivana

9/20                Homer, Odyssey, Books 22-23                          Blog Post: Laura

9/25                Marco Polo, The Travels, Prologue + Ch. 1      Blog Post: Lily

Wednesday, 9/26     Final version of first paper due

9/27                Marco Polo, The Travels, Ch. 2

10/2                “Did Marco Polo Visit China?” – Selection of critical essays

10/4                Introduction to research at Hesburgh with Associate Librarian Cheri Smith

10/9                “Marco Polo, The Travels, Ch. 3 + Epilogue    Blog Post: Megan

10/11              Honoré de Balzac, Colonel Chabert                    Blog Post: Kevin

Friday, 10/12 Second paper due

[Fall Break]

10/23              Honoré de Balzac, Colonel Chabert                    Blog Post: Allie


10/25              Workshop on how to create interactive guides


10/30              Edgar Reitz, Heimat, Part I                              Blog Post: Jina

11/1                Cormac McCarthy, Blood Meridian, Chapters 1-6         Blog Post: Lindsey

11/6                Reitz, Heimat, Part II                                       Blog Post: Kaitlin

11/8                McCarthy, Blood Meridian, Chapters 7-12                    Blog Post: Annalise

11/13              Reitz, Heimat, Parts III and IV                                    Blog Post: Caitlin

11/15              McCarthy, Blood Meridian, Chapters 13-17            Blog Post: Erin

11/20              Reitz, Heimat, Parts V and VI                          Blog Post: Charlie

Rough drafts of final paper to be distributed to peer review groups

[Thanksgiving Break]

11/27              Reitz, Heimat, Part VII        Blog Post: Cristina
Peer Review Meetings

11/29              McCarthy, Blood Meridian, chapters 18-epilogue

Monday, December 3, Final version of final paper due

12/4                Reitz, Heimat, Part VIII                                   Blog Post: Zach

12/6                Concluding discussion

Date TBA        Final version of interactive reading guide to Marco Polo due on day of final exam