Image result for cannibals and kingsWelcome to my website! As I hope you can tell, it is dedicated to the book Cannibals and Kings by Marvin Harris. Feel free to navigate the site at your leisure; there is a drop down menu for chapter summaries, a miniature biography of the author, my personal review of the book, rabbit holes I fell into while reading, and related quizzes I curated. Thank you for visiting!

Cannibals and Kings was published in 1977 by Marvin Harris. Harris details the shift from hunting and gathering to agriculture with a focus on how population size and dynamics affects food sources. It is a nonfiction anthropology book that is meant for an audience that already has a decent grasp on the subject matter. The book has very dense material and requires a lot of time and energy to comprehend. The author has a particular interest in philosophy and weaves deterministic themes throughout the text.