Tristan Dooley, Co-President (

Tristan is a senior living in Knott Hall and originally from Chesterton, Indiana. He is a Mathematics major with an Honors Concentration. He tutors in the Math Bunker and the Math Help Room, and also helps to lead Math Circles in association with Riverbend Community Math Center. After graduation, Tristan plans to teach math at the high school level.

Marie Grasse, Co-President (

Vice-President: Alexa Mogan (

Veronica Kirgios, Co-Secretary (

Shenghua (Sean) Liu, Co-Secretary/Ambassador (

Sean is a junior from Beijing, China, majoring in Mathematics with an Honors Concentration and Physics. He has been a tutor in the Riverbend Math Circle, an Honors Math undergraduate TA, and a long-term resident of the Math Bunker. He is currently studying abroad, but he hopes to support Math Club remotely in various events and outreach activities.

Ryan Lynch, Treasurer (

Ryan is a junior from Ashburn, Virginia living in Duncan hall. He is an Honors Mathematics major with a concentration in Philosophy, Science, and Mathematics. He is a grader and a Math Bunker tutor. After graduation, he plans to pursue his Ph.D. in mathematics.

Bailee Zacovic, Junior Class Representative (

Bailee is a junior originally from Columbus, Ohio, living in Lyons Hall. She majors in Honors Mathematics and Philosophy, with a concentration in Science and Math and a minor in the Glynn Family Honors Program. On-campus, Bailee works as a tutor through Academic Services for Student-Athletes, as well as in the Math Bunker. She is involved in Notre Dame Right to Life, Math Circles, and German Club. She is passionate about math education and intends to pursue a career in teaching.

Erik Curtis, Sophomore Class Representative (

Erik is a sophomore hailing from St. John Indiana and residing in Dillon Hall. He is majoring in Biology and Mathematics with a minor in the Glynn Family Honors Program. He works as a member of the Tank Lab in the Biology department, and in his free time, enjoys volleyball and rock climbing. He enjoys both mathematics and biology and hopes to one day pursue a Ph.D. in Biology.

Graham Fisher, Math Bunker Coordinator (

Graham is a senior in Fisher Hall (his namesake) from Indianapolis, Indiana. He studies computer science with a supplemental honors math major here at Notre Dame. He coordinates and tutors in the Math Bunker proof-based help room. Some of Graham’s other interests include sports (go Cubs), cooking, and hiking. After graduating in the spring, he plans to work as a software developer.