Melander Lab April 2021

Front Row L-R: Santiana Murrajo, Monica Spritzky, Ashley Crotteau, Katie Woolard, Ansley Nemeth, Danica, Walsh, Alex, Weig, Michael Zeiler, Gina Connors

Back Row L-R: Haoting Li, Akash Basak, Christian Melander, Roberta Melander, Morgan Carpenter, Annie Mattingly, Orry Marciano, Patrick O’Connor

Christian Melander

George & Winifred Clark Professor

B.S. Chemistry, UC Davis, 1994

Ph.D. Chemistry, Columbia University, 1998

Roberta Melander

Research Associate Professor

Editor – Chemical Biology and Drug Design 

MChem Medicinal Chemistry, UMIST, 2004

Ph.D. Biological Chemistry, The University of Manchester, 2008

Postdoctoral Research Associates

Akash Basak

B.S. Chemistry, University of Calcutta, 2009

M.S. Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), 2011

Ph.D. Organic Chemistry (Minor in Pharmaceutical Sciences), University of Florida, 2017

Annie Mattingly

B.S. Chemical and Biological Engineering, Colorado State University, 2013

Ph.D. Environmental Engineering, University of Notre Dame, 2018

Danica Walsh

B.S. Chemistry, The Evergreen State College, 2013

Ph.D. Chemistry, Montana State University, 2020

Graduate Students

Fourth Year

Alexander Weig

B.A. Chemistry, Colgate University, 2017

Katie Woolard

B.S. Chemistry, B.S. Biology, Emory University, 2017

Third Year

Michael Zeiler

B.S. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Michigan State University, 2018

Ansley Nemeth

B.S. Chemistry, Biology Minor, Concentration in Biochemistry, Winthrop University, 2018

Haoting Li

B.S. Chemistry, Qingdao University, 2016

M.S. Chemistry, Case Western Reserve University, 2018

Second Year

Santiana Marrujo

B.S. Chemistry, New Mexico Highlands University, 2019

Morgan Carpenter

B.S. Biochemistry, Grand Valley State University, 2018

First Year

Ashley Crotteau

                     B.S. Biochemistry, Minor Neuroscience, Butler University, 2020

Monica Spritzky

BS in Chemistry, Clemson University, 2019


Patrick O’Connor


Orry Marciano

Gina Connors

Former Members

Postdoctoral Research Associates

    • Wei Zeng, Current Position: Professor, South China University of Technology
    • Steve McCall, Current Position: Scientist, BASF
    • Samuel Reyes, Current Position: Research Scientist, Civentichem
    • Daniel Whitehead, Current Position: Associate Professor, Clemson University
    • Lingling Peng, Current Position: Scientist, Complete Genomics
    • Andrew Yeagley, Current Position: Associate Professor, Longwood University
    • Il Hwan An, Current Position: Scientist, Elementis Specialties
    • Meghan Blackledge, Current Position: Associate Professor, High Point University
    • Kyle Bartholomew, Current Position: OTT, UNC Chapel Hill

Ph.D. Graduate Students

    • T. Eric Ballard, Ph.D. 2008, Current Position: Senior Scientist, Amgen
    • Virginia Burns, Ph.D. 2008, Current Position: Senior Scientific Director, Lung Cancer Matrix Lead, GSK
    • Justin Richards, Ph.D. 2009
    • Robert Huigens, Ph.D. 2009, Current Position: Associate Professor, University of Florida
    • Christine Heinecke, Ph.D. 2009, Current Position: Assistant Professor, Loyola University, New Orleans
    • Rachel Kudgus, Ph.D. 2010, Current Position: Senior Consultant, Clinical Pharmacology, Nuventra
    • Steven Rogers, Ph.D. 2010, Current Position: Patent Agent, Baker & McKenzie LLP
    • Cynthia Bunders, Ph.D. 2012, Current Position: Research and Development Manager, good2grow
    • Zhaoming Su, Ph.D. 2012, Current Position: Faculty, State Key Laboratory of Biotherapy, West China Hospital, Sichuan University
    • Erick Lindsey, Ph.D. 2013, Current Position: Senior Scientist, Takeda
    • Tyler Harris, Ph.D. 2013, Current Position: Scientist, Biological Dynamics Incorporated
    • Marine Minvielle, Ph.D. 2014, Current Position: Program Manager, Baebies, Inc.
    • Robert Furlani, Ph.D. 2015, Current Position: Patent Attorney, Cooley LLP
    • Christopher Brackett, Ph.D. 2016, Current Position: Postdoctoral Research Associate, Blagg Lab, University of Notre Dame
    • Matthew Stephens, Ph.D. 2016, Current Position: Scientist, Crown Laboratories
    • William Huggins, Ph.D. 2018, Current Position: Staff Fellow Scientist, FDA
    • Vu Nguyen, Ph.D. 2018, Current Position: Scientist, Alcami
    • Bradley Minrovic, Ph.D. 2019, Current Position: Scientist, Oakwood Laboratories
    • Sara Brackett, Ph.D. 2019, Current Position: LDP Scientist, BASF
    • William Barker, Ph.D. 2020,  Current Position: Lead Scientist, Agile Sciences
    • Veronica Hubble, Ph.D. 2020, Current Position, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Stoltz Lab, California Institute of Technology
    • Karlie Cox, Ph.D. 2021

M.S. Graduate Students

    • Anne Basso, M.S. 2008
    • Catherine Reed, M.S. 2010, Current Position: Real Estate
    • Constance Bond, M.S. 2013, Current Position: High School Chemistry Teacher, Naaman Forest High School, Garland, Texas.
    • Rui Su, M.S. 2014

September 2020

Front Row L-R: Santiana Murrajo, Morgan Carpenter, Annie Mattingly,

Second Row L-R: Gina Connors, Katie Woolard, Karlie Cox, Danica, Walsh, Alex, Weig,

Third Row L-R: Michael Zeiler, Ansley Nemeth, Christian Melander, Orry Marciano,

Back Row L-R: Akash Basak, Roberta Melander, Haoting Li, Patrick O’Connor, 


February 2020

Back row L-R: Ansley Nemeth, Roberta Melander, Veronica Hubble, Santiana Marrujo, Karlie Cox, Katie Woolard

Front row L-R: Michael Zeiler, Ashley Sullivan, Patrick O’Connor, Alex Weig, Christian Melander, Annie Mattingly, Morgan Carpenter, Akash Basak, Haoting Li


Back row L-R: Michael Zeiler, Annie Mattingly, Roberta Melander, Christian Melander, Akash Basak, Haoting Li

Front row L-R: Karlie Cox, Katie Woolard, Sara Brackett, Veronica Hubble, Ansley Nemeth, Samantha Barlock, Alex, Weig, Will Barker


Back row L-R: Will Huggins, Will Barker, Veronica Hubble, Brittany Hubbard, Roberta Melander, Karlie Cox, Sara Brackett, Katie Woolard,

Front row L-R: Akash Basak, Matthew Peszko, Nick Hahn, Christian Melander, Alex Weig, Vu Nguyen, Kyle Bartholomew, Brad Minrovic


Back row L-R: Matthew Peszko, Dax Chapman, Will Huggins, Roberta Melander, Christian Melander, Vu Nguyen, Brad Minrovic, Will Barker,

Front row L-R: Veronica Hubble, Sara Brackett, Catie Nguyen, Karlie Cox, Sarah Harrill


Back row L-R: Roberta Melander, Sara Brackett, Vu Nguyen, Matt Stephens

Front row L-R: Brad Minrovic, Chris Brackett, Christian Melander, Will Huggins


Back row L-R: Meghan Blackledge, Matt Stephens, Roberta Melander, Marine Minvielle

Front row L-R: Vu Nguyen, Christian Melander, Chris Brackett, Rob Furlani


Back row L-R: Rui Su, Tyler Harris, Meghan Blackledge, Marine Minvielle

Front row L-R: Roberta Melander, Christian Melander, Chris Brackett, Rob Furlani


Back row L-R: Marine Minvielle, Andrew Yeagley, Tyler Harris, Cynthia Bunders, Chris Brackett, Il Hwan An, Conni Bond

Front row L-R: Erick Lindsey, Rui Su, Meghan Blackledge, Christian Melander, Roberta Melander, Rob Furlani, Zhaoming Su


Back row L-R: Zhaoming Su, Erick Lindsey, Christian Melander, Dan Whitehead, Rob Furlani, Andrew Yeagley, Tyler Harris

Front row L-R: Marine Minvielle, Roberta Melander, Lingling Peng, Cynthia Bunders, Conni Bond


Back row L-R: Steven Rogers, Cathy Reed, Roberta Melander, Lingling Peng, Tyler Harris

Front row L-R: Sam Reyes, Dan Whitehead, Christian Melander, Cynthia Bunders, Erick Lindsey, Zhaoming Su


Back row L-R: Christian Melander, Sam Reyes, Cynthia Bunders, Erick Lindsey, Roberta Melander, Dan Whitehead, Zhaoming Su

Front row L-R: Chris Heinecke, Cathy Reed, Steven Rogers, Michael Simon


Back row L-R: Zhaoming Su, Cynthia Bunders, Justin Richards, Christian Melander, Erick Lindsey

Front row L-R: Steve McCall, Cathy Reed, Chris Heinecke, Steven Rogers, Rachel Kudgus, Sam Reyes, Rob Huigens


Back row L-R: Justin Richards, Eric Ballard, Christian Melander

Front row L-R: Steven Rogers, Anne Basso, Rob Huigens, Chris Heinecke, Rachel Kudgus, Virginia Burns


Back row L-R: Eric Ballard, Justin Richards, Christian Melander, Virginia Burns, Wei Zeng

Front row L-R: Rob Huigens, Hae Huh, Anne Basso, Steven Rogers, Chris Heinecke, Rachel Stroman, Rachel Kudgus