Who are Our Black Leaders?

During the 2014 Martin Luther King, Jr. Dinner at Notre Dame, one of the discussion topics addressed the presences of Black Leaders. Much to the dismay of administrators of color, the students responded, “There are no black leaders.” We were in shock and appalled. Then we wondered what point of reference the students were basing their perspective.

Generationally, we automatically began asking how they could not consider the impact of Dr. King’s work on the racial and economic fronts. The latter is what led to his untimely death.  Yes, we thought they were clueless.  Then we began contemplating who in their lifetime would they look up to or aspire to be like.  We immediately thought of President Barack Obama.  Did he not fit the description of a black leader?  Although many entertainers are philanthropic, are their professional personas such that young people would want to immolate them?  In most cases not, so who are the black innovators and leaders.
That began the new MSPS campaign to highlight living entrepreneurs, activists and others making a difference.

Our charge became to educate the community and our Facebook and tweeter followers on people, who are having a significant impact on society.  Kudos, to our student intern, Steven Waller, who coordinated this project.  He researched people, who are under the radar to highlight. As the year progresses, we will continue this effort.

Thank you to those who have commended this project and shared or retweeted the information.

Have a Safe and Warm Spring Break.