Announcing the 2014-2015 Frazier Thompson Scholars

The Black Alumni of Notre Dame, honoring the memory of our first graduate, Mr. Frazier Thompson ’47, began awarding $2,500 towards the student accounts of two undergraduate students in 1999. Since then, the financial commitment of alumni has generated revenue to permit the awarding of up to $5,000 per recipient for the 2012-2013 academic year. The goal of this scholarship has been to reduce the financial burden of seniors who have consistently demonstrated academic excellence, all the while contributing to the greater African American and Notre Dame communities.  This year, the esteemed recipients are as follows.


Delvin Anes of Waterbury, CT — Majoring in Accounting & Japanese

Alexaundria Barnes of Miami, FL — Majoring in Pre-Professional/Political Science

Christopher Brown of Stone Mountain, GA — Majoring in Political Science

Micah Burbanks-Ivey of San Jancito, CA — Majoring in Political Science and Economics

Deandra Cadet of Orange, NJ — Majoring in Political Science with a Minor in Peace Studies

Olivia Furman of Louisville, KY — Majoring in Africana Studies & ESS

Madelynn Green of Milwaukee, WI — Majoring in Political Science with a Minor in International Development Studies

Sabine Mosal of St. Johns, FL — Majoring in Science & Business with a Minor in International Development Studies

Lucy Negash of Vienna, VA — Majoring in Sociology with Minors in Journalism, Ethics, & Democracy and Business/Economics

Andre Smith of Davie, FL — Majoring in Science/ Pre-Professional

Wyatt Smith of New Orleans, LA — Majoring in Sociology & Pre-Med

Additionally, the 2014-2015 MBA graduate recipient will be Marj Betubiza, an undergraduate from UNC Chapel Hill.

Congratulations to all!