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2014 Spring Donation Packages Awarded

Posted on April 21, 2014 in NEWS

Cam and Dan
Science teacher Dan Walsh from Adams High School in South Bend, IN received four pH meters from the ND LIGHTS program. Notre Dame senior biochemistry major Cameron Houk developed the acid and base experiment for the pH meters and trained four Adams teachers at the high school on the equipment and experiment.

Elizabeth and Leann
Science teacher Leann Poston from Carroll High School in Dayton, OH received gel electrophoresis equipment from the ND LIGHTS program. Dr. Poston visited Notre Dame to receive training and learn the experiment developed by Notre Dame senior biochemistry major Elizabeth Nuter.

2014 Spring Donation Packages Now Posted

Posted on March 11, 2014 in NEWS

There are two currently available donation packages listed under the “Donate or Receive” section. ¬† If interested, please submit a Statement of Need. ¬†Recipients will receive training on the equipment and an applicable high school-level experiment and all of the materials to perform the experiment for your class!