Short Term and Easy URL Sharing with ShoutKey

A blog post on Profhacker introduced me to this tool and I have to say it’s pretty useful. Share URLs Quickly with ShoutKey

If you’ve ever been in a group or a meeting and needed to share a link quickly, you could email it but you have to copy the link, find everybody’s email address and then send it. Then everyone has to go to their email to get the link. A few extra steps. It would be easiest of you could just say it. Good luck doing that with something like or tinyurl.

Shoutkey  allows you to create a short URL that will only work for between 5 minutes and 24 hours and is easily transferrable by speaking. It winds up being in the format of where XXXXX is a random word.

This isn’t good for secure or private links but if you just stumbled on a site that you want to share with a group, I think it’s easily the most efficient way of doing it.